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Results for author: Hartikainen AL

Entry No.TitleAuthorsPlace of Study
0326Caesarean section and risk of asthma and allergy in adulthood.Xu B, Pekkanen J, Hartikainen AL, Jarvelin MRFinland
0588Infant vitamin d supplementation and allergic conditions in adulthood: northern Finland birth cohort 1966Hypponen E, Sovio U, Wjst M, Patel S, Pekkanen J, Hartikainen AL, Jarvelinb MRFinland
0666Schizophrenia as a long-term outcome of pregnancy, delivery, and perinatal complications: a 28-year follow-up of the 1966 north Finland general population birth cohortJones PB, Rantakallio P, Hartikainen AL, Isohanni M, Sipila PAuthor