Primal Health Research Databank: Keyword

Results for keywords: forceps delivery

Entry No.TitleAuthorsPlace of Study
0001Long term effects of vacuum and forceps deliveriesSeidman DS, Laor A, Gale R, et al. Israel
0002Boys born by forceps and vacuum extraction examined at 18 years of ageNilsen ST, et al. Bergen, Norway
0003The effects of forceps delivery on cognitive developmentWesley B, et al. Kaiser Permanante Medical Center, Oakland, California
0253Obstetric care and proneness of offspring to suicide as adults: case-control studyJacobson B, Bygdemon M Sweden
0257Infant outcome following labor inductionFriedman EA, Sachtleben MR, Wallace AK USA
0262Very preterm birth, birth trauma, and the risk of anorexia nervosa among girlsCnattingius S, Hultman CM, et al., et al., Mortensen PB Sweden
0276Relation of fingerprints and shape of the palm to fetal growth and adult blood pressureGodfrey KM, Barker DJP, et al., Magnuson A, Hanson U, Adami HO, Trichopoulos D. Lancashire (UK).
0314Obstetric complications and asthma in childhood.Xu B, Pekkanen J, Jarvelin MR, et al., Mortensen PB Finland
0350Dermatoglyphics and abnormal palmar flexion creases as markers of early prenatal stress in children with idiopathic intellectual disability.Rosa A, Gutierrez B, Guerra A, Arias B, Fananas L Spain
0395Mode of delivery and risk of developing allergic diseaseMcKeever TM, Lewis SA, Smith C, Hubbard R UK
Entry No.TitleAuthorsPlace of Study
0469Perinatal factors and development of islet autoimmunity in early childhood: the diabetes autoimmunity study in the youngStene LC, Barriga K, Norris JM, Hoffman M, Erlich HA, Eisenbarth GS, McDuffie RS Jr, Rewers M USA
0642Being born small for gestational age increases the risk of severe pre-eclampsiaZetterstrom K, Lindeberg S, Haglund B, Magnuson A, Hanson U, Adami HO, Trichopoulos D. Sweden
0681Obstetric conditions and risk of first admission with schizophrenia: A Danish national register based studyByrne M, Agerbo E, Bennedsen B, Eaton WW, Mortensen PB, Ciccone G, Brunetti L, Chellini E, Corbo G, La Grutta S, Lombardi E, Piffer S, Talassi F, Biggeri A, Pearce N Denmark
0732Prenatal maternal stress from a natural disaster predicts dermatoglyphic asymmetry in humansKing S, Mancini-Marïe A, Meaney MJ, Laplante DP, Hanson U Canada
0747Prenatal, Perinatal, and Neonatal Factors in Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, and the General PopulationNaya Juul-Dam, TownsendDagger J, Hillier A, et al. USA
0766Timing of prenatal stressors and autismBeversdorf D, Manning SE, Hillier A, et al. USA
0774beta2-adrenergic receptor activation and genetic polymorphisms in autism: data from dizygotic twinsConnors SL, Crowell DE, Eberhart CG, et al. USA
0781Neonatal jaundice, autism, and other disorders of psychological developmentMaimburg RD, et al., Achenbach T, et al. Denmark
0783Caesarean delivery on maternal request and childhood psychopathology: a retrospective cohort study in ChinaLi HT, Ye R, Achenbach T, et al. China
1098The effect of medical and operative birth interventions on child health outcomes in the first 28 days and up to 5 years of age: A linked data population-based cohort study.Peters LL, Thornton C, et al Australia